Keep Going

I created this video for my daughter and all our youth ones who mentally suffer now due to the covid issues. It is not fair to face this disaster extra harsh while caused by us, the adults. However, my positive mind and eager to feel free let me create this video.

© bart bylois Dec 2020, feel free to share and to use under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

The virus chained us for a long time. Now, we unleashed the dragon to get rid of our mental prison but we still need some months to cure ourselves of this human disaster. You may lose your belief or even abandon your faith but never give hope away because is worthwhile to look forward to meet again. A happy new year and I see you again in 2021.


© Bart Bylois for images and video in Keep Going. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0…. Feel free to use and to share as it is made with a reference of the author.

© music Space Ambient standard licence. Creative Commons-licentie – Naamsvermelding (hergebruik toegestaan)


The covid pandemic started in March 2019 and will last at least one year to one year and a half. Our world is changed now in such matter that our freedom becomes chained to a virus. We experience our world as a big stagnation. But in fact, is that true?

© bart bylois Dec 2020

A light in a spot

This image is for me a funny one. It was standing open on my desktop for several days. This image has been created only for an experiment or study concerning colours and shapes. But every single day, the impression of this picture seems to be appearing differently. I will not go into detail because my point of view might be different for each of you. Nevertheless, it was and is still funny to observe. You might try it with an image you’ve created, or you have stored as forgotten after a while.

© bart bylois nov 2020 .