Photography & Pastels

I often feel a need to be creative and expressive via images, stories, and videos. This is my way to offer you a tale, maybe differently from what you might expect. I believe that meaningless and instant moments can often tell us much more in comparison to a story during a lifetime.

I am not looking for ‘beauty’ in my work. But I am keen on what it can evoke, from within. I do not like that my work belongs to a ‘style’. I believe that ‘Style’ is often a technical basket that limits the expression of someone’s work.    

Feel free to interact with my work and to comment, to appreciate or not at any time. I’ll reply to you with respect to your opinion.

You can select in my blog a “Category” or choose directly a topic from “My Work” , you are interested in. “My Work from the past” presents archived images or stories made in the past.

My website contains some selective work. You can find these under

I am not a writer at all, but some stories are presented in my blog ‘bavalons’ on In that blog, I am confronting myself often with the ‘Why’ questions.

If you would like to contact me directly instead of leaving a comment, feel free by using

Unfortunately, I do have to mention that all blog items are © protected.

See you soon, welcome and enjoy 



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