A competition Day

My two daughters are practising Tumbling sport. Tumbling in terms of flip-flapping their bodies sucessively several times which is for me amazing to observe and for them an explosion of energy. They learn to cope with some kind of competition. For that , there is a balance to find in having fun, feeling healthy and being the best in class. I was curious to see if they are able to handle this kind of balance all ready?

Some parents I will never understand. “Forget the balance”, gold medal is the goal of that day. As a kind of personal frustration to put on their children’s attitude. Weird and not a good practice at all.

At the end of the day ,I was pleased to see two healthy smiles and to hear afterward from my two daughters that they have had fun all the time. Truly ‘standing above’ a day of stress to battle for some piece of iron. For that, they let me smile when driving back to home. It was a good day to see that my girls are growing up,becoming fine women. Even when I write this small note , it makes me happy.


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