A moment In time : The Carrousel

A moment In time : The Carrousel

I made this image on a Carrousel. That thing was turning as hell and by purpose I was standing on the edge of it. I over exposed my camera which gaves a High Key and I compromise with the shutter to see just enough structure in the ‘ moving lines’ . On my desk I have only to enhance the shadows and i did not touch the highlights. The result of that ,you can see. Maybe I will decide to pick this image to be enlarged on a wide format print. I need some decorations in my apartment.


5 thoughts on “A moment In time : The Carrousel

    • Thank you , good point to see it like this . Did not think about that idea . Relatively in fact. In my early images ,experimental , i did the same but made in a train . Now it is made in rotation mode . Both are almost identical when projected in an image . Relativism in practice . 🙂

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