Experimental Moments : recuperation


As a practice to experiment new techniques , I took four images which were ready for the waste drum. Instead, I tried to explore the possibilities to make something out of it.

Originally the images were under exposed , blurred but they contained a gradation of colors. I pumped the colors up to it saturated max and included a grain structure. I combined other three images after the increase of sharpness to it max.

In most cases I do not like the grain option in PS. It is so artificially because each grain look the same , each of them next to each other covering the whole image. But when I combine all , the shape of the grain structure appears to be more randomly spread. I increased the shadows and decrease the coverage of the 3 last images.

What amazed me a bit was the appearance on a large scale. Normally we can expect to observe similar structure after magnification of 100,200 % ( with my D800 some more latitude under ideal conditions). I magnified this composition, after a save as tiff 300 dpi uncompressed,  up to 400 -500 % before the observations of the individual pixels. Of course the real proof must be observed on print or after plotting. That equipment, I do not have and I am not interested to spend a fortune on ink to see its true effect on A1 or A0 print size.


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