A Jet Lag

A Jet Lag

I often go on trip for my work. Of course I experience a lot during these moments. In a certain way you tried to hook up your own life into others. This image was taken early in the morning during a wake up ,facing my jet lag. Stumbling around outside, I took my moment to tackle this terrible lag and to prepare my day at work. I was not impressed by the sun, I dislike it during that moment. But I was charmed by its effect on the surroundings in which I stayed in for a week. All colors seems to me in balance for a short time and together with my very strong and hot coffee , I took that moment to be mine . Definitely, It was my moment during a short time. Maybe if you observe my image, you could experience the same? Sure , let me know your impressions too. Thank you , Bart


5 thoughts on “A Jet Lag

    • thank you, really I appreciate your reply a lot and I like tell you why I do so. Simply because you read my picture instead of looking at my image. I offered this image also too my teachers and class mades last week. Some, those who know me , recognized the story ,but the majority was lured by the beauty of the image only ( the moment when the sun equals the colors of the object). I specific presented this image to observe them. Nowadays , we are so influenced by quantity rather then quality using our ‘scrolling minds’. As a results of this (even I have to admit) we often forget to read our work and to take time for understanding what an author is expressing, if that was his/her intension to do so. I assume I was ‘un enfant terrible ‘, that day :). Again you spend some time and understood the contrast and I was able to present this accordingly. Thank you. In fact , this is why I appreciate to read ones feedback and comment. Therefore , I do my best to spend time in respecting others work additionally its beauty. Do not misunderstand me . It will not mean if this kind of reading is not understood by the observed that the observer fails to read. It will often means that I was not able to make such communications. Photography remains and still is a learning for me. After so many years, it still does to me.

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