Experimental Moments with Colors Beyond


I enter the church at Princeton University in NJ. The huge and colorful window glasses shined its colors on the large pillars on the right . As you can see there was almost one visitor present at the time I took that image. Because I did not cary my tripod with me , taking a picture is not that easy in respect the equipment constrains vrs the limitation of the present light. Either you blow up your camera towards high iso or reduce the shutter with serious risk for blur. I decided to compromise between these two options. Knowing the fact my results will not match the expectations to share this moment with you and instead of storing this image into my meaningless digital basket, I tried to make something of it which can be shared within my standards. Because the lights were creating a nice contrast , the HDR could be nice. I thought. I let you observe and comment.

© Bart Bylois All rights reserved.


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