A Rare Window


This was a challenge for me and for my equipment. Some night photography. I admit some more learnings to do with this experiment. But I like the image because of its shapes , contours and its content. The light on this street view are not disturbing , at least not for me. I am not often charmed by this kind of photography due to these light pollutions. In this case I believe, the lights follow the street view together with the cars attached to the street. That view I like a lot simply because it is my view. I am used to life in house surrounded by trees , chasing dogs , jumping frogs and a cat which caught them. You know , ground floor living things. They are belonging to my past and are replaced to these kind of views. Instead I am spoiled with gentle livings. Families who care for each others , evening events to let the dog out , runners with their earphones, and old couple who attempts to park a car ,… Life is on the move here and that I like.


7 thoughts on “A Rare Window

  1. I like the duality in this one. The almost 2D, static facade in the left; ‘against’ the 3D street that constantly wants to take the eye up and down the road, although the street itself is quite easy as well. Perspective and rhythm always makes the eye move. And you keep moving as well! Cheers, harrie.

    • Interesting remark of you Harrie, thank you. hmmm indeed , this aspect accounts also maybe due to the fact of the curl. Imagine a straight street which appeared to be a straight line in this image. The principle 2D vrs 3D remains what you ve said but the effect or its doses lowers, I assume. Stuff to try out, but I am not going to move out for that 🙂 cheers and greet Bart

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