A Moment As It Is

A Moment As It Is

This is image is truly a moment in time and it will never occur again , I can assure you. My entrance in my new apartment gave me after some cleaning ,this view. I like the curves associated with the other geometric forms. Above all, there is nothing much to show . Because of this simplicity the shadows attracted me the most. if you take a good look , the upper corner possesses a rather brownish shade. In the mean time , some personal belongings are entered this scenery . These kind of shadows are therefore gone forever. Additionally and in the mean time , some other bottles are settled : ) . Therefor, this was a moment in time.


4 thoughts on “A Moment As It Is

    • thank you and above all the composition was there , did not change anything . Pure as it was at that time. I only have had to took it and I may do that because it is part now of me.

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