Experimental Moments

Experimental Moments

Another experiment of mine. I admit , something unusual for me to do. I don’t know. I figured out that my work always must contains some , maybe little, reality. This was the reason I left ,very vague ,the house number in the corner of this image.

There was some movement, living in that house. That attracted me the most. To express that, I decided to make such kind of image. The only thing I did, was an enhancement of the black parts to express the light. Somebody told me to add a shadow, a person into it. But that is ‘a bridge to far’ to express the reality of what I  experienced that evening.

If I tell you when I took this image, I step out of my car after driving 2 hours between neon junk. You might therefore understand what this image presents to me.

There is always some story behind each creature. Isn’t it ?

Feel free to comment. Thank you.


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