Experimental Moments

Colored Shapes

I was wondering how different colors were able to contribute with a contour or shape. The purpose is to look at this image on 1 meter scale on a white or grey wall but not black. I used different colors with different objects from different materials (paper, plastic, glass & cotton fibers) and tried to find out a suitable combination of it on right exposure with flash lights. I did not use various filters or layers. I added 8 % black . I believe the ratio 1:1 is the best choice . It expresses the content rather the shape. However I did not like the dominant circular shape. The second image below , I  like . I de-saturated the red colors and this became the results.

I was inspired by the music of ” solar fields -Third Tile ( version A)”. Maybe you can understand what was driven me to make this image.


Feel free to add comments . If you don’t like this combination , feel free to explain why. I appreciate your time for me.


7 thoughts on “Experimental Moments

  1. Rats, I just lost what I had written here.
    Are you referring to Magnus Birgersson’s music when you write about ‘solar fields?’ Unfortunately, I am totally tone deaf, despite the fact that my father was an opera singer.I have almost no ability to connect music to photography, literature yes, but photography no.
    So, I think that unfortunately the concepts which with you are dealing here are ‘above my head.’
    I do relate to the organic nature of your images and Birgersson’s music. Not only I am not a ‘music person’ – I am also not a ‘color person.’
    About the dominant circular shape – well that goes right to Carl Jung and mandalas and the whole concept of tapping into your own source of being……

    • Hi Christian,

      Many thanks for your reply , Interesting. I was triggered to go in depth a bit about you comment. I look it up . And it was a learning , thx

      I quote Mandalas

      “….. The “squaring of the circle” is one of the many archetypal motifs
      which form the basic patterns of our dreams and fantasies. But it
      is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important
      of them from the functional point of view. Indeed, it could even
      be called the archetype of wholeness….”

      The circular shape is enhanced by the square and that brought tension apparently. The reason why i did not like the composition was due to the fact, the red color. it was simply to much and was far from abstract. The second one ,opens more structure and became less dominant and so creates some abstract content. ( my believe)

      About the music , no not Birgersson’s but solar fields is electronic alternative like music.

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