When Chaos Became Order

When Chaos Became Order

The reason why I present this image is because of its story behind. I visit a old house , full crowed with children running and parents making a lot of noise. So a bit chaotic but a nice moment.
I look up ,only 2 meter, and saw the opposite becoming true. A complete order geometrically also for color wise . The repetition in various shapes attracted me which was offered without overdoing. It was simply there.
Another reason why is because of its composition in size. When I altered the 4X3 into another more common one, the image became useless.

This image will never be added in my portfolio because it is too common for me and it did not represent the story I experienced that day. But Maybe some further experiments I ll do for different compositions with image size.

Feel free to offer me your remarks or what do you think about this ?


2 thoughts on “When Chaos Became Order

  1. I like your reflection on image format with reference to size. I have a 6*6 film camera which I love shooting with and also follow SquareMag, http://www.squaremag.org/ . At present, I am shooting some images for my cinematic module and compose my shot with a view to cropping for widescreen 16:9 ratio. Like yourself, Bart, I think I shall experiment further with composition ratio. Thanks for the idea.

    • Hi Jane, thx for the link and you comment (I appreciate this). You are using a 6×6 , great concept. I ve tried it but it never came to a good results. It is a complete different way of looking which I was never successful with. Like the info you present, I believe a 6by6 offers us , “go to the point”. You see what you could see with a very nice detail. But in my image above , it is hardly or even not possible to create depth combined with this light gradation on the right flank. All this together to express the geometric ( its purpose). If I used a 2X3 ratio , the image guided me by the stairs , right outside. But in that case ,the light details were having no effect anymore. But you gave me an good idea, i ll try to find out if i am still not successful using a 6×6 , Who can say , maybe you :). Keep me posted. see you soon.

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