A light in a spot

This image is for me a funny one. It was standing open on my desktop for several days. This image has been created only for an experiment or study concerning colours and shapes. But every single day, the impression of this picture seems to be appearing differently. I will not go into detail because my point of view might be different for each of you. Nevertheless, it was and is still funny to observe. You might try it with an image you’ve created, or you have stored as forgotten after a while.

© bart bylois nov 2020 . https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/


© Bart Bylois Oct 2020 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

This image is part of my writings which i will share later on on my blog “the bavalaons”. But for the time being, I already posted this work. Those who are familiar with “Polos” might experience the emotions behind this abstract work. On the other hand and due to the nature of this abstract work, other impressions might be evoked for you personally ? If you like , feel free to offer these in here or via mail. I respect your privacy. What I mean in fact is: Stop scrolling further and take your time for a certain while to spoil yourself.

water noises sound like an impression in and on our minds

This video I made to honour my mother who passed away 3 years ago. Feel free to join my channel if you like.


This work contains images and sounds of water in our natural environment. The interaction between the water and our surrounding attracts me. This work is made to respect and to honour my mother who passed away 3 yrs ago.

This work is made for non commercial purposes and put under copyright under © level https://creativecommons.org/licenses/… Music : permission given Carloco 25 Sept 2020 serenity ambient meditation deepak.

© video Bart Bylois Oct 2020

© images Bart Bylois Oct 2020

Mistmatch for a generation

Suddenly an child of 14 told me the following: “Why is it that I am still a child and I have to bear the world like an adult?”

Maybe he already knowns the answer by spending hours of his child time behind the screens and let himself washed with our daily news. On the other-hand it is so sad seeing the difference between my childhood and his at this moment.

While I was lived by my hormones and tried to solve math equations at school, he is wondering shall we survive Covid and who will pay for all these taxes during next generations.

The only answer I could offer him , but I did not, was: “Bless you were not borned in a region where adults are killed for ideology, religion and poverty”. What a poor and stupid answer would that be for him, although true.

One answer would be fair to say: “Because we are living on this planet and forgot who we really are”