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I Like to be creative and to express myself with Photography. This is my way to offer you a story, differently from what you might expect. I do strongly believe that a meaningless moment in a short time can tell us much more compare to a complete day time.

I am not looking for ‘beauty’ in an image. But I am keen to what it can express, innerly,  for me and perhaps for you too. I dislike that my work is seen in a certain ‘style’. I believe that ‘Style’ is often a technical revelation and this aspect limits sometimes the expression.    

Feel free to interact with my work and to comment, to appreciate or not at any time. I ‘ll reply to you with respect your opinion.

You can select in my blog a “Category” or choose directly a topic  from “My Work” , you are interested in. “My Work from the past” presents archived images or stories made in the past.

My web site contains some selective work. You can find these under

I am not a writer at all , but some work is presented in my blog ‘bavalons’ on In that blog, I am confronting myself often with the ‘Why’ questions.

if you would like to contact me directly instead of leaving a comment , feel free by using

Unfortunately , I have to express that all blog items are © protected.

See you soon , welcome and enjoy 

Bart Bylois

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