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I Like to be creative and to express myself with Photography. This is my way to offer you a story, differently from what you might expect. I do strongly believe that a moment in a short time can tell us much more compare to a complete day time.

I am not looking for ‘beauty’ in an image but I am keen on the why or what aspect drives you to dislike or to appreciate. Among others, I prefer to experiment and to train myself in new visions, expressions and techniques.  

Feel free to interact with my work and to comment, to appreciate or not at any time. I ‘ll reply to you with respect your opinion.

You can select in my blog a “Category” or choose directly a topic  from “My Work” , you are interested in. “My Work from the past” presents archived images or stories made in the past.

I am not a writer at all , but some work is presented in my blog ‘bavalons’ on

More Black and White work you can view by visiting 

if you would like to contact me directly instead of leaving a comment , feel free by using

See you soon , welcome and enjoy 

Bart Bylois

16 thoughts on “Photography”

  1. Thank you for the likes and the follow. Lovely images here. Will follow back!

  2. Hey Bart – great to get a ‘smoke signal’ from you – hope all is well & what are you up to these days!


  3. you are a wonderful photographer ana

  4. so…why have you been hiding the black and white photography…they are wonderful…silent glimpses to your world…stunning…

    • brrr touching and thank you for your appreciation, I really like that comment. it is indeed often my pure world , sometimes more close to me. Therefore , thank you again. The reason is, I used the other blog to avoid intermix because B&W is a totally different concept to bring and to learn. Mixing them with my work in here was not working for me. The same thing for my writing stuff. Mixing that in here , will make no good for my images in here. i admit , I like being around in here and found out more fun, appreciations, friends , colleagues and learnings.

  5. I do like your style and perspecitves. Wonderful b&w photos.

  6. Karolien Geers said:

    I love the picture with the skyline. .

    One of the best I have seen from your work.

    • Dear karolien , thank you and I appreciate the comment you made. The Image is more then 15 year old .I found its negative in an old box and I was really surprised what I observed. So I decided to rework the image manually to offer you all this results. Strange though , that I am able to remember the storm as it was yesterday. But I will surely keep on remember the storm I ve created now.

  7. Hey Bart
    Nice of you to pop in to my pages….
    Good to see you there…Enjoy your photography.

  8. I just visited your 500px— GORGEOUS!!

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